Sunday, March 10, 2013

IPv6 Reading List

We are in a transformation era, where the buzz word is 'IPv4 to IPv6 migration'. Eveyone everywhere is talking about IPv6 migration. As network engineers where are we in this transformation.
If you are not in the thick of things dont worry  the transformation is just getting started.

It is important to know the protocol inside out & Learn how the control plane protocols are enabled with IPv6 and how to design IPv6 networks. I thought hey why not put up a post with a reading list with a must read books, rfc, blogs and other materials for IPv6. I have read these and found them to be extremely useful.

IPv6 Fundamentals

IPv6 for Enterprise Networks

Deploying IPv6 Networks

IPv6 Security

Implementing IPv6 Networks


Cisco Migration

Computer Weekly

This page will be updated regularly as newer and better materials come to light !!

If you have any links to be posted please share it here. Please let me know your comments.

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