Thursday, February 7, 2013

CCIE Storage Retired

With the advent of the much awaited CCIE Data Center certification, the CCIE Storage certification is being retired. The official announcement is on the Cisco site and can be found here.

Now the interesting part of things comes where some of the network engineers dont want to be part of the compute part . But here is the thing, Cisco datacenter brings together the requirement to know a fair part of the compute block and the storage block along with the network block.

For those who are looking at the datacenter side of things here is the deal. Cisco has integrated SAN  on the nexus switches, it is not available off the shelf.,We need to purchase a license to enable it. So the need for MDS switches will fade. The Network and the storage ability is now integrated. The cisco UCS will bring in the Compute part. We cant be totally ignorant about the compute side of things. So there is a need to have a holistic view on the datacenter.

If you are one of them looking to become a datacenter Guru - you can work  & gain knowledge on the storage products such as  EMC & Netapp along with VMware and preferably Microsoft server products so that there is a complete end to end knowledge of the data-center.( I have touched only the high points of the DC as there is more than what is mentioned).

For those of you looking at the CCIE Data-center more information can be found here.

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