Sunday, February 13, 2011

Done playing around with MPLS-VPN

Troubleshooting was the focus of my preparation. I wanted to build the network from scratch and troubleshoot it as I went along. I dint know how to put the faults in place and see what happened. SO I decided to build a network and keep varying routing protocols for the same topology !! I must say I am very satisfied with what I had to do :-)

The topologies i used were pretty simple and they looked something like this;

Right from static routes to rip, ospf, eigrp & bgp were configured. I kept the Provide protocl the standard and moved the customer protocol around and again did the other wayt around.

It was very interesting right before my eyes I made some mistake and hit some config errors. Its was nice to get me up to speed. Well I can tell one thing for sure .. I am ready for the lab as far as this topic goes :-)

Although I dint dwell too much with the mpls vpns I think i know enough to deal with stuff that the lab might throw at me.

All said and done there is one topic that i still haven't understood well. Its the SOO(site of origin ) attribute to prevent loops. I did configure it but still I don't get how it works.

If you have the same value configured on both PE the mpls backbone is not used and only the backdoor is used. But when we have different values configured I still hit the same problem. Not sure if I configured it wrong.

Well now mpls is under my belt, other two topic that i will complete over the week include qos and security. Once I am done with that the fun with full scale labs can start again.

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