Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moving on to security

After breezing through the multicast section its time for me to move over to the security topics of ccie. This is going to be an interesting week as this is one my favourite topics. I am going to start of with the following topics from the checklist;

6.2. Access Lists
6.2.1. Standard Access Lists
6.2.2. Extended Access Lists
6.2.3. Time-Based Access Lists
6.2.4. Reflexive Access Lists
6.5. Cisco IOS and Zone-Based Firewalls
6.5.1. Basic Cisco IOS Firewall
6.5.2. DoS Protection on a Cisco IOS Firewall
6.5.3. Basic Zone-Based Firewall
6.5.4. Zone-Based Firewall with Deep Packet Inspection
6 6 NAT
6.6. 6.6.1. Dynamic NAT
6.6.2. PAT
6.6.3. Static NAT
6.6.4. Static PAT
6.6.5. Policy-Based NAT
6.7. Other Security Features
6.7.1. Configuring the TCP Intercept Feature
6.7.2. Configuring Blocking of Fragment Attacks
6.7.3. Configuring Switch Security Features
6.7.4. Configuring Antispoofing Using an ACL
6.7.5. Configuring Antispoofing Using uRPF
6.7.6. SSH on Routers and Switches
6.7.7. Cisco IOS IPS
6.7.8. Controlling Telnet and SSH Access to the Router and Switch

I am taking tuesday & wednesday off so hopefully by end of wednesday I will be done with all the topics mentioned above.

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