Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Got my 360 stuff !!!

With the standard that the V4 exam has been posing I decided to take up a vendor workbook that is equally tough & bowls me out even at the practice level. After a lot of thought I decided to go with NMC. Well its well know that their materials are a class apart & they set high standards. Yes, they are a little on the expensive side but after I bought their material & saw what they gave me I think I got a really good deal

Well its got me excited. I am not gonna jump into the full scale labs yet. I will drill down on all individual topics learn them all inside out & then move to the labs.

A little review of the material. Its more like the real lab we would get, its got a 2 hour troubleshooting section + 6 hour configuration section. Nice !!! Whats better is that I get to access the most famous V3 labs !!! The mentor guide is a cool tool to use to help ourselves. I just went through a couple of labs & I was like wow !!!

Why its a good deal ?? Well to start off as I said the quality of the material is superb as ever. The lab format is similar to the actual lab. We get the V3 labs also along with this. We get the Troubleshooting labs also that's been provided as a separate package by different vendors . So you don't have to buy anything separately. The mentor guide is nice tool to check how the final configs will look like in the actual lab. So investing in other vendors would have cost me 400$ at a minimum(troubleshooting + full scale labs). So put a little more & you get a real high quality product. Its a good buy @ the end of the day. The sales team is great, they helped me in couple of thing & of course their response was good.

IMO, provided the standard of the V4 lab I would suggest going with NMC . If you have already bought some other vendor product & want a different perspective , again this should be your choice.

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