Monday, November 9, 2009

Change of guard in my prep

I have put the brakes on MPLS. Before I get into too much of vpn concepts, I wanted to ensure that I got all of the IGP-EGP sorted out so that I can play around with all the configs & see how mpls works.

So here is the plan. Get all the concepts of BGP revised & practice the volume 1 labs today. To get the theory done am sure it will take at least 3 days. So Wednesday I will review where I stand & hopefully I have all the concepts in BGP finished. Then follow it up with RIP, OSPF, EIGRP So this week we will have all of the routing done. In the weekend will work on the redistribution. We have to get that right & also practice some prefix list / ACL & filtering routes. Got to be smart & fast in working out the lists so that we don't waste time.

Once I am done with this I will work out @least 5 labs just on the core routing part from the labs I have bought so that I feel good about myself. IS-IS is one area I got to dig a lil more & I will do that also in the next week, after I practice a few scenarios. That's the plan as of now lets see how it works out.

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