Monday, October 19, 2009

Refreshing MPLS Concepts

I spent 3 days refreshing my mpls concepts. Its been quiet some time, I studied it for my ccie-written after which I have been out of touch, as I don't use it in my daily work.
The Plan is to master the mpls vpn concepts this week. Finish up with INE Voulme 1 for this concept. The rest of the days I enjoyed the festival of lights - Diwali :). It is nice to have a break after a long time. Really helped clear my mind & now am back nice & fresh.

I have been thinking o f buying NMC DOIT workbook. But its like 499$$. Am a little short of cash now, because I am panning to buy Narbiks workbook, which is another 350$$. I guess I have to plan out my spending for the next 3 months ;). After all CCIE is the most expensive certification.

Coming back to my posts. I will begin to post more concepts & configurations. Also I though I will post some pictures relevant to the post just to make the blog look a bit more interesting :)

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