Saturday, April 11, 2009

Realising the Doc-CD magik !

Starting with the security section .. I dint have an materials to read through. While starting my ccie journey I ensure I have reading material for all sections of the blue print except for security. While doing my ccie written & ccnp I had borrowed cisco press books from my colleagues. No I felt a little short handed while preparing for the lab. SO what do I rely on for reading until I get my books ???

aaah the Doc-Cd .. but .. I always either feel drowsy skimming through it.. I thought, ok lets start with it & to my surprise I really enjoyed reading it. Though I realized the value of it for sections I was not familiar, this was the first time, the entire content went into my head to refresh the concepts & damm I never felt a wee bit sleepy. Sure I dint have enough time this week because of my work .. but, Damm I loved it.

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